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margaretrose is an ode to my late mother - a woman ahead of her time. The name Margaretrose in the logo is an exact handwritten copy of the way she wrote her name. She was fond of mixing and combining leftover beauty products, lotions and soaps, producing her own unique blends. Both my sister and I inherited this trait. As my interest grew over the years, I trained professionally, which led to the birth of my own brand of products as well as delivering workshops. My ultimate aim is to spread the knowledge and teach others.

At the age of six, I left the UK to live with my maternal grandmother in Sierra Leone, West Africa.  My grandmother was a formidable African matriarch who had a local shop selling medicinal roots for health, spices, soaps and African butters.

My early recollections include sitting next to my “Grams”   whilst she explained the health benefits of her various products to her customers. This experience remained with me as I developed the belief that everything needed for health and beauty is provided by nature and can be  found on earth. Coupled with an interest in aromatherapy, herbs and botanicals,  I started making my own concoctions as my mother Margaretrose did before me.​

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Handcrafted functional botanical products with you in mind

Our philosophy

A love of plants and oils is the inspiration for our range of high quality effective products which are made from carefully selected, safe botanical ingredients to enhance and optimise the condition of your skin naturally; the way you are meant to be.

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I can't live without my cream in the summer. Very rich and moisturising, just the way I like it.  JW June 2021

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