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Winter Warmers Workshops

This workshop covers simple homemade remedies to address some of the effects of the winter season i.e. ordinary colds, flu, coughs, dry or blocked nose, aches and pains. It covers the healing and anti-inflammatory benefits of a variety natural ingredients. Some of the products include:


  1. Dry nose oil to address low humidity resulting for prolonged indoor heating. Also good for air flights.

  2. Bath/foot salts with essential oils for aches and pains.

  3. Aches and pains oil made from plant oils with anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxant properties

  4. Homemade cough linctus

  5. Teas made from fruits, herbs and spices.

Ingredients include: natural salts, plant oils, essential oils, juice, honey, herbs and spices.


Participants of previous workshops include health and wellbeing sessions for elders’ groups and adult groups.

For more information, contact:

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