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Balm and lotion bars making workshops

Balms are anhydrous products which means they do not contain water. The ingredients in balms are a combination natural butters such as shea, cocoa or mango,  waxes such as beeswax or candelilla, oils such as sweet almond, olive or castor oil and essential oils (optional).


Balms are preferred by those who do not want to use products with preservatives. They are very easy to make, once you have a recipe which can be tweaked in different ways by substituting with your favourite ingredients.

At the balm making workshops, participants will be able to make the following: Body balms, foot balms, lip balms, face cleansing balms,  as well as learn about the ingredients and the benefits of using them.

Popular with all age groups and group compositions.

Kitchen facilities (kitchen and sink) will be needed.

Participants at previous workshops include: team away days, young people,  adult groups, men only groups and family bonding sessions.

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